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Al Rajhi Bank Payroll Service through E=-Corporate is a perfect solution to organize and manage all your key payroll requirements with ease, particularly for organizations that process large volumes of Payroll payments.

It is a simplified service that helps you deal with the complexities of paying your staff wages and salaries where our platform is not just flexible and cost-effective but also reduces administrative burden And reduces issuing Cheques to the minimum

  • 24-hour service support and customer service
  • Complete automated system
  • Comprehensive

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  • Must be an Al Rajhi account holder

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  • Service agreement

For more enquiries please contact:

      Corporate Business group

      Central Operation Department

Al Rajhi bank - Amman - Jordan

      Telephone: + 962 6 510 0800

      Fax: + 962 6 566 9911

Location: Shmeissani, Abdul Hameed Sharaf Street, building number 67