Furthermore , you can contact us through one of the following channels :

  •  Complaints handling unit Email : ClientsComplaint@alrajhibank.com.jo
  •  Calling complaints handling unit (during official working hours from 8.00 AM to 3:00 PM) on the number : 065100818
  •  Scanning (suggestions/complaints) QR code found in all bank branches.
  •  Calling our call Center : 065633030.
  •  By Fax , number 065603650.
  •  Personal attendance at the bank (( expansion building - complaints unit) (during official working hours from 8.00 AM to 3:30 PM)).
  •  Through our social media pages (Facebook) – ((Instagram) (Twitter) (LinkedIn).

You can also resort to the “Consumer Protection Unit” at the Central Bank of Jordan, according to the following details:

Conditions for submitting a complaint to the Central Bank of Jordan :

"The customer must first submit a complaint to the bank or financial institution he deals with, and in the event that the bank does not respond or is not satisfied with the response of the bank or financial institution, the complainant can file a complaint with the Central Bank."

Complaint application channels at Central Bank of Jordan :

  •  Direct call with the Consumer Protection Unit at the Central Bank of Jordan on the number: 0096264630301
  •  E-mail of the Consumer Protection Unit in the Central Bank of Jordan: Fcp@cbj.gov.jo
  •  Through the website of the Central Bank of Jordan : www.cbj.gov.jo
  •  Personal attendance to the main building of central bank or one of its branches in Irbid and Aqaba