Working in unison

The Shariah Group is a fundamental pillar of Al Rajhi operations. The Group is comprised of a series of integrated departments working collectively to accomplish our goal of being a leading Islamic Bank. This objective is achieved by enlisting the necessary plans and policies which ensure that all Al Rajhi banking transactions are compliant with the Shariah law principles
The Shariah Board

Objectives of the Shariah Board


  • Review transactions and activities
  • Report findings to the Sharia Board
  • Monitor the implementation of Sharia Board decisions
  • Develop contracts and products in line with Islamic principles

Role of the Shariah Board


 The Shariah Board is completely independent of all other banking departments. This initiative is considered an important standard of quality assurance


cope of the Shariah Board


 The founders of the Bank mutually agree that all transactions will be in compliance with the principles of Shariah law


Sharia Board Decisions


 1093 decisions have been approved in the form of contracts, agreements, forms and products since the formation of the Shariah Board.


Shariah Board Members

The current local membership of the Sharia board General Assembly held on 01/08/2016 is as follows :



 His Excellence Sheikh Osama Ali Al Faqer Rababah  



His Excellence Sheikh Osama Adnan Eid Al ghannmyin



His Excellence Sheikh Raed Nasri Jamil Abu Mua’ans



Shariah Policy

  •         Shariah Policy Decision
    • Decisions of the Shariah Board are considered binding and all departments and management of the bank must comply
    • Implementation of Shariah Board decisions is the responsibility of all levels of corporate executive departments
    • No product or service can be offered before its Shariah Board approval
    • The Shariah Board develops and implements policies in line with Shariah princilpes and are applicable to all bank transactions locally and internationally
  •         Shariah Policy Implementation
    • The Shariah Board monitors Bank activities from a Shariah standpoint and follows-up on the implementation of Board decisions, through the Shariah Control Department or any designated body the board sees fit
    • Through appropriate mediums, the Shariah Board will create awareness on Islamic banking and investment
    • The Shariah Board will ensure that Islamic banking policies are at the forefront when bank personnel are selected and trained - especially top management
    • The Shariah Board ensures the proper implementation and monitoring of Shariah Board decisions through the publication of proper manuals and guidelines, such as the Shariah Monitoring Guide and Shariah Control Guidelines. (Shariah Board Decision # 317)
  •          Penalties
    • It is strictly forbidden to act in violation of any decisions of the Shariah Board
    • A penalty will be applicable to any violation of a Shariah Board decision of any sort, breach of an existing practice decreed by the Shariah Board or the launching of any product or service without prior approval of the Shariah Board

Download Shariah Board Publications


The Shariah Volume1 

Volume 1-ar


The Shariah Volume2 

Volume 2-ar