Al Rajhi Payroll Service is a perfect solution to organize and manage all your key payroll requirements with ease, particularly for organizations that process large volumes of Payroll payments.

It is a simplified service that helps you deal with the complexities of paying your staff wages and salaries (Plus, you can choose a platform that's not just flexible and cost-effective but also reduces administrative burden).

Some of the key Features and Benefits of our Payroll Service are as follows:

  • Automated salary transfer
  • Dedicated internet based portal
  • Automated data exchange
  • Online employee account opening
  • Electronic transmission files' verification
  • Savings in time and money spent on monthly reconciliation
  • Reliable feedback reports/reconciliation
  • Internal and local bank transfers
  • Saving in cost of systems upgrade to maintain employee records and payroll dates


  • An account with Al Rajhi Bank
  • Service Agreement (Terms and conditions apply)