E–Trade Services

E–Trade is an online banking tool provided by Al Rajhi bank to its valued clientele to initiate and transact trade related business with the bank. E-Trade may be accessed from any personal computer, giving you immediate access to your trade information from wherever you are. Keeping pace with changing technology and controlling costs for greater efficiency have also become a perpetual management challenge.

The key products supported by this online services are:

  • Import Letters of Credit
  • Outward Letters of Guarantee
  • Inward Guarantees
  • Export Letters of Credit
  • Import Documentary Collections
  • Export Documentary Collections

The import  LC module covers the following import LC processes:

  • LC issuance
  • LC amendment
  • Documents presentation
  • Payment

The outward guarantee module covers the following outward guarantee processes:

  • Outward guarantee issuance
  • Outward guarantee amendment
  • Outward guarantee claim settlement

The inward guarantee module covers the following

  • Guarantee advising
  • Guarantee amendment
  • Claim and settlement

Export LC module covers the following export LC processes:

  • Receipt of Export LC, transferred LC, and amendment
  • Documents presentation
  • Settlement or payment

The import documentary collection module covers the following import collection process

  • Modify import collection
  • Authorize import collection
  • View/inquire import collection status

The Export Collection module covers the following export collection processes:

  • Collection creation
  • Collection amendment
  • Payment instruction

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