Treasury Products

Bank Notes and Bullion:

Treasury arranges for supply of Bank notes and bullion to branches to serve the clients' needs. Treasury Sales desk caters to the corporate demand in purchases and sale of large volumes of bank notes and bullion.

Bei Ajel:

Deferred Payment Sale, the sale of goods on a deferred payment basis. Equipment or goods requested by the client are bought by the bank, which subsequently sells the goods to the client for an agreed price, including mark-up (profit) for the bank. The client may pay by installments within a pre-agreed period, or in a lump sum. The sale works in a similar way to Murabaha contract, but with deferred payment.

Commodity Sale Agreement (CSA):

A sale transaction which is an agreement between the two parties for the sale and spot delivery of commodities to the purchaser by Al Rajhi on a deferred or spot payment basis. Each sale transaction is concluded by the issue of confirmations by the Seller and the purchaser.

DI (Direct Investment):

This is a fully Shariah compliant alternative to conventional term deposit products. Investments are structured using commodities. The investor can plan his investment horizon according to his cash flow requirements. Yields are competitive in comparison to the conventional products. The product is available in JOD and other major currencies.

DSA (Deferred Sale Agreement):

This is a Shariah compliant commodity Murabaha investment with banks and other financial institutions. The counterparty has to enter into a Deferred Sale Agreement with the bank. This can be used for JOD and other major currencies. The bank purchases commodity from the market for spot delivery and sells it to the counterparty for spot delivery, deferred payment. The bank facilitates the re-sell of the commodities in the market on behalf of the counterparty and will arrange payments. The counterparty need not maintain any broker relationship and the sale and purchase are completely handled by Al Rajhi. No third party involvement between Al Rajhi and the counterparty.

Spot FX:

This is a foreign exchange transaction for settlement of value (spot) in two business days.

Value Tom:

This is a foreign exchange, Money market etc., transaction for settlement of value (Tom) tomorrow.