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E-Corporate is a fully secured integrated business oriented internet banking service from Al Rajhi Bank that acts as a single access point to manage your accounts, initiate local & International payments and trade transactions in a fully secured environment.

It is a powerful business tool designed to streamline your banking activities, with access to the business community while minimizing your transaction cost and processing time.

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  Must be an Al Rajhi account holder


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  • For more enquiries please contact:
      • Corporate Business group

        Central Operation Department

  • Al Rajhi bank - Amman - Jordan
      • Telephone: + 962 6 510 0800

        Fax: + 962 6 566 9911

  • Location: Shmeissani, Abdul Hameed Sharaf Street, building number 67
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    • Pay your employees’ salaries
    • Process your payroll files online and in real time
    • Downloadable feedback files are encrypted
    • Internal and local bank transfers
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Al Mubasher eCorporate
    • What is the advantage of using a Letter of Credit?
      It is used to secure payment for the seller and protects the buyer by evidencing goods that have been shipped/transported.
    • What are the international customs governing Letters of Credit?
      Uniform customs and practices for documentary credits (ICC publication 600).
    • What are the Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits (UCP)?
      The UCP is a set of internationally recognized rules for documentary credits published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in France. These rules are used in the international trade community for determining the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in Letters of Credit.