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It is the basic service which will allow you to manage your funds in a safe and easy way. Through obtaining a cheque book in addition to Visa debit card that allows you to purchase and withdrawal cash. You can also access your account through hours 24 from anywhere in the world through Al-Rajhi Mubasher service via Internet and Al-Rajhi bank application.

  • Salary transfer facility
  • Free instant Current Account Card
  • Real-time transaction alerts
  • Opening a Joint account (more than one customer)
  • Opening an account in all core currencies

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  • Am I eligible?

Here are the things that we’ll need from you…

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Minimum account opening is JOD 200 or $500 or its equivalent in foreign currency
  • No minimum payment amount if your salary is transferred to Al Rajhi Bank

Required Documents

  • Valid ID
  • A passport and proof of residency (for non-Jordanians)
  • Proof of Residence (water or electricity bill) 
  • Source of income

* (The bank has the right to request any other documents considered appropriate)


Frequently Asked Questions:
Current Account

  • What Is A Smart Chip And PIN?
    Your Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card is embedded with a microchip (Smart Chip). Cards with Smart Chip technology are harder to copy since they are safeguarded against counterfeiting. In addition the card will be used with your Personal Identification Number issued by the Bank and the PIN is a 4-digit.
  • How Do I Use The Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card Embedded With A Smart Chip?
    Saudi nationals who are at least 15 years old and holding a valid ID card. GCC citizens who are at least 18 years old, holding a valid passport, and providing a proof of address in the Kingdom. Expatriates who are at least 18 years and holding a valid residency permit (Iqama).
  • Can I Use My Smart Chip Card To Pay For Goods And Services In Jordan And Overseas?
    A filled out account opening application. Copy of a valid national ID document our staff will verify the same against the original