Convenient access to your money

With your Al Rajhi Debit Card you can make purchases in over 27 million outlets locally and internationally at any Point-of-Sale that carries the VISA Electron logo. You can also withdraw cash at any ATM with the Visa or PLUS logo around the world.

  • Instant issuance through any Al Rajhi Bank branch
  • Locally and internationally accepted for all your purchases
  • A convenient way to withdraw cash
  • Contactless Feature 
  • Safe to carry and use

Enjoy the benefits of our Visa Electron Card

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Here are the things that we’ll need from you…

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Must be an Al Rajhi account holder

Required Documents

  • Valid ID
  • Income proof
  • Owned home: Utility bill for proof of residency
  • Rented home: Lease contract and utility bill

Fees and Charges

Card Re-Issuance Fee


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Card Re-Issuance Fee JOD 5
Banking Services Fee JOD 0.50
Own ATM Transaction Fee No Fees
Cash withdrawal on ATM owned by other banks (locally) JOD 0.50 - 1.00                   Depending on the bank
Cash withdrawal on ATM owned by other banks (overseas) JOD 2 + 4% (plus any additional commissions)
Frequently Asked Questions:
Visa Electron Card
  • What Is A Smart Chip And PIN?
    Your Al Rajhi Bank mada Debit Card is embedded with a microchip (Smart Chip). Cards with Smart Chip technology are harder to copy since they are safeguarded against counterfeiting. In addition the card will be used with your Personal Identification Number issued by the Bank and the PIN is a 4-digit.