Revolving Credit Card

Are you thinking of getting a credit card with a high limit that is compliant with Islamic Sharia low and allows you to enjoy flexible payment?

We offer you the solution through our Revolving Credit Card which is based on Murabaha to offer you absolute comfort and many advantages, where the idea of a Murabaha Credit Card is to give you finance in the usual way of the bank and compliant with Shariah regulations, where the amount of this financing is deposited in your card account for use in purchases Or cash withdrawal, the profit for this financing will be 1% per month which the bank will calculate when you install the card dues.

Card Features

  • Shariah compliant, with no commissions or late payment fees
  • Access to additional cards for your family members
  • Flexible repayment (5% of used balance)
  • The card allows you to withdraw cash through ATMs
  • The card allows you to shop online
  • Enjoy complimentary access to airport lounges at major international airports (applies to a specific type of cards)
  • Free SMS service
  • Takaful life insurance

Required Documents

  • Fill in the Revolving Credit Card application
  • Copy of a valid ID
  • Salary transfer / income proof for professionals
  • Account statement for the last six months
Card Type Annual Fees Card Limit (JOR)
Classic 25 250-2000
Gold 50 2000-5000
Platinum 65 5000-25000

How can you apply?

Call Center: 06 5633030

Branches: Visit any of our branches​