Real Estate Financing (Murabaha) Financing

Murabaha structured product program offers you the opportunity to own a new property. The bank buys the property with a promise from the to buy it from the bank. Selling price will include known profit to be added to the original purchase amount.

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Murabaha finance has the following features:

  • Sharia compliant product.
  • Up to JD 500,000 financing land or house financing up to 250,000 for Apartments and lands 500,000 villas
  • Finance tenor up to 10 years.
  • 80% Financing percentage for Apartments, 60% Financing percentage for Lands
  • Fixed Murabaha rate throughout the financing period.
  • Family joint income is considered.
  • Property will be registered in the name of the customer with a 1st degree mortgage for the favor of the bank.

Documents Needed

  • Valid ID
  • 6 months bank statement that shows your monthly income
  • Salary Slip for the last month
  • Property registration papers
  • Regulatory site map
  • Land Maps
  • Get a quotation addressed to Al Rajhi Bank from the owner of the property
  • Get an appraisal value of the property

* Bank’s Terms and Conditions will be applied