Tamweel Program (Personal Finance)

Sharia compliant products which will allow you to cover your financial needs through selling shares or commodities that were previously owned by the bank and sold to the customers.

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Features :

  • Sharia compliant product.
  • Up to JOD 50,000 or 30 times the net salary for public sector and 25 times the net salary for private sector.
  • No guarantor needed.
  • Finance tenor up-to 96 months for the Public sector and 84 months for the private sector.
  • Free Takaful Insurance, compatible with Islamic Sharia.
  • The possibility of consolidating all your obligations in one monthly installment.

Required Documents:

  • Transfer your salary to the bank.
  • Be an employee of one of our targeted companies.
  • Length of service must not be less than 3 months for the public sector, 6 months for the private sector.
  • Net income must not be less than 300 JOD for the public sector, 400 JOD for the private sector.
  • Valid ID
  • Statement of account for the last six months (signed & stamped)
  • The last salary slip or Partial salary transfer for military. (In case of salary fluctuating you must bring the last 6 months of salary slips)
  • Salary Transfer letter or partial (according to the product program)
  • In Case of (Buy-out): Conditional Salary transfer letter with clearance letter from the other bank , liability letter from the other bank that shows the obligations to the other bank as grantee or guarantor and any other fees required and No Overdue.

* (the bank has the right to request any other documents from the customer considered appropriate)