Strong values, high returns

Joint Investment account offers customers the opportunity to invest their funds in the bank’s financing and investment business. And at the end of the investment period, the customer will be able to get a percentage of the bank’s return on the aforementioned business.

  • Flexible deposit tenors
  • Competitive profit-sharing ratio

Enjoy the benefits of our Joint Investment Account

The profits of the joint investment product 

The profits of the joint investment product for the Fourth quarter of 2021 (JOD)


Lowest Rate
Highest Rate



The profits of the joint investment product for the Fourth quarter of 2021 (Dollar)

Lowest Rate
Highest Rate

Ready to apply for your Joint Investment Account?

  • Am I eligible?

Here are the things that we’ll need from you…

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Minimum investment account
    • In Jordanian Dinars: JOD 3,000
    • In US Dollars: $5,000
  • Must be an Al Rajhi account holder

Required Documents 

    • Valid Identification Card.
    • A passport and proof of residency (for non-Jordanians)
    • Proof of Residence (Water or Electricity Bill)
    • Source of Income.

      * (The bank has the right to request any other documents considered appropriate)