Why buying is right for you

We offer a range of Home Finance products for first time buyers, those looking to refinance or move their existing home finance/loan or buy an investment property. If you can dream it we can help make it a reality. Why not own an asset that is likely to appreciate instead of wasting your money on rent.

  • Fully Shariah compliant
  • Investment
  • Privacy
  • Equity

Enjoy the benefits of our Murhaba Home Lease

Ready to apply for your Home Lease for Locals (Murabaha)?

  • Am I eligible?

Here are the things that we’ll need from you…

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Must be a salary transfer customer
  • Employment period:
    • Public Sector: over 3 months
    • Private Sector: over 6 months
    • Private Sector:(Non TML )  over 12 months
    • Professionals : over 3 Years 
  • Net income:
    • Public Sector: over JOD 300
    • Private Sector( TML): over JOD 400
    • Private Sector( Non TML): over JOD 500 
    • Professionals : over JOD 1000
  • Must be a salary transfer customer
  • Required Documents

    • Valid ID and Certificate of appointment for the military.
    • 6 months bank statement that shows your monthly income.
    • Salary Slip for the employees.
    • Property registration papers.
    • Regulatory site map.
    • Land Maps.
    • Get a quotation addressed to Al Rajhi Bank from the owner of the property.
      Get an appraisal value of the property.

    Fees and Charges

    Administration Fees

    1% of the funding value

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    Postal and Correspondence Fees JOD 50
    Intermediate Company Fees No Fees
    Stamps 0.003 of the funding value with profits