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AL Rajhi Bank offers Sharia-compliant products, through which our customers can own the commodities they require such as electronic equipment, cars and construction materials based on the Murabaha basis so the bank buys the commodity and sells it to the customer with a profit value that is known for both parties.

  • Financing of new or used cars (No Mortgage)
  •  Finance of furniture and electrical appliances
  • Financing of construction materials

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  • Am I eligible?

Here are the things that we’ll need from you…

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Must be a salary transfer customer
  • Employment period:
    • Public Sector: over 3 months
    • Private Sector: over 6 months
    • Private Sector:(Non TML )  over 12 months 
    • Professionals : over 3 years
    Net income:
    • Public Sector: over JOD 300
    • Private Sector( TML): over JOD 400
    • Private Sector( Non TML): over JOD 500 
    • Professionals : over JOD 1000

Required Documents

  • A valid civil status identity card for Jordanians and a passport for non-Jordanians.
  • Statement of account for the last six months (signed & stamped).
  • The last salary slip or Partial salary transfer for military.
  • Proof of residency (electricity / water bill).
  • Conditional Salary transfer letter with clearance letter from the other bank

    * (the bank has the right to request any other documents from the customer considered appropriate)